Chinese Burn S01E00 Official Trailer [HD]

Chinese Burn follows the escapades of three ‘normal’ Chinese girls in London. Ringleader Jackie is Beyonce to Destiny’s Child. She’s also a blunt, offensive force of nature who tears through life and deflects unwanted attention every 0.2 seconds. Jackie moved to London to further her reasonably successful acting career. ‘Reasonably’ because she’s more likely to offend the director than actually land the job.

Elizabeth was destined to be a model-minority overachiever like her brain surgeon of a sister. But no amount of Latin lessons could save her from becoming a self-destructive, failure of a millennial, drawn to the wrong decision like a moth to a flame. Elizabeth moved to London to ‘find herself’ but found herself dressing up as a cup of Boba tea for a living and drinking on the job. As a wannabe sommelier, this is simply research.

And then there’s Fufu. If Jackie is Beyoncé then Fufu is Phoebe from Friends. An oddball Buddhist on a cultural odyssey, viewing London through the eyes of an innocent child or an alien arrival. Fufu was born into Chinese new money, which means she’s not only armed with a misplaced Buddhist quote for every occasion, but also a bank balance which reads ‘infinite’. With Jackie and Elizabeth as a tour guides, what could possibly go wrong?

The girls navigate life in the capital together and attempt to overcome the trials of modern life; from sex to relationships, to failing careers, paying rent, getting drunk and getting in fights, all through the experience of being a visitor from a scary superpower.

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Uploaded November 30, 2017

Subtitles Chinese Burn S01E00 Pilot