Cerise 2015

Cerise, a 14 year old french girl was sent away to her father, Fred, in Ukraine. She was sent away for terribly misbehaving in school. The story follows her time spent with Fred and the relationship she develops while in Ukraine. It is a coming of age story which took place during the Maidan rebellion in Ukraine. When she 1st arrive at the airport in Ukraine her father, Fred tried to hit on her not knowing that she was his own daughter. Fred is a butcher who works for the gangster owned slaughterhouse. While Fred is busy working, womanizing and getting drunk, Cerise developed a strong maternal relationship with Nina, Fred’s caretaker. It is with Nina that Cerise experience the real world. Meanwhile in school, Mikita a local boy took interest in Cerise but she only has Kyril in her mind. When Fred got into trouble with his gangster owners Cerise has to summon every ounce of her courage to figure out a way to release her dad. The story ends with Cerise taking a flight back to France and promises to return back to her new found friends in Ukraine.


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